CPM-200GM the label printing & cutting machines

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Warranty: 1 year
Catalogue: CPM-200GM.pdf
Producer: MAX - Japan
Description: Label printing & cutting machines CPM-200GM is the leading printer series. It allows you to print and cut labels and signs; outdoor labels durable; can cut to any shape and size you want. CPM-200GM can print monochrome and multicolor colors, label width up to 200mm.
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1. Heat transfer printing, including 2 main printing methods:

a. Monochrome printing:


The CPM-200GM can print and cut labels in all shapes and sizes. With a single process, the machine can create exactly the label you want.


b. Print in full color on 200mm wide vinyl:


The CPM-200GM can print in vivid full color using 4 specialized process color ink ribbons (Cyan, Magenta, Yellowm, And Black). Unique functions mean you can cut and print combinations of photo, illustrations, and text on 200mm vinyl! Make on-demand signage and labels for a variety of applications.

(Full-color sign printed by CPM-200GM)

2. Make labels, signs, and cut-lettering easily:

Anyone can design labels or signage easily using BepopPC EX editing software. After designing your labels or signs, send the data to your Bepop. The BePpop will print the colors, and then cut you shape.



3. Sequential numbering:

Design can be automatically copied according to the incremental variable. This is very convenient for creating product labels with serial numbers increasing according to rules.


4. Data link basis:

Automatically fill in labels using content from a spreadsheet


5. Some other features include:


  • Use any True Type font installed on your computer. 
  • In addition to the existing photo libraries, you can download more free icons from our website. Other logos and graphics can be easily entered, edited and converted. 
  • The titles can be bent, copied, tilted, reversed, printed, expanded and framed.
  • 10 barcode languages ​​are preinstalled.
  • Copy, paste and print elements from other application software such as Ilustrator.
  • The print content can be cut to the border, with the border size fully adjustable. 



6. Applications:


CPM label application in life (link)


II. Standard supplies for CPM-200GM:

1. Bepop tape rolls:

2. Ink ribbon casettes:

3. Ink ribbon refill:

Click on the link to see the supplies: Standard supplies for CPM-200GM