(Connect directly to the computer


The LM-550A2 the latest typewriter series of the Max-Japan.

The LM-550A2 has 2 functions that print tubes and print labels. It is a line that can connect to the PC directly, users can operate directly on the computer via MAX Letatwin software. Fast print speeds help make things easier, more flexible

  • Printing method: Thermal transfer method (300dpi).
  • Printing materials: PVC tubes have a diameter of 1.5mm-10.0mm; Labels printed size 5mm, 9mm, 12mm with 3 basic colors white, yellow, transparent.
  • Maximum printing length: tube: 20m, tape: 5m.
  • Print and cut half automatically ( Adjustable depth of pipe cutting).
  • The memory in the LM550A2 stores up to 100,000 characters, unlimited storage with extended USB memory.
  • Roll length increases from 50m / roll to 110m / roll.
  • There are suitcases to protect the machine.
  • Can be connected directly to a computer or via a USB memory stick.

Think big !

With the ink tape length is increased, and can replace the ink cassette when the ink runs out, our LM-550A2 saves time and cost.. Printing materials:

- Ink is special type, does not fade before the impact of heat, water and mechanical rubbing.

- Pipes are high quality plastic, electrical insulation, fireproof, durable with mechanical impact.

- Plastic tape, made in Japan with special environment-friendly glue.

Thus, with our system, you can print quickly, accurately and quality.


For details and pricing, please download the Catalog of the machine LM-550A2 below.

MAX LM-550A2

PDF: 1.5 MB

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