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VINACOM CO., LTD sincerely thanks for your attention. We are pleased to offer our customers the technical products and services specialized in Industrial Electrical, Automation, Measurement and Control.. 

I.Development Goals: 
- Expand your business with increasingly diverse products and services to meet the different needs of your customers.
- Continue to be a leader in introducing and providing new industrial automation equipment and solutions for end users.. 
- Maintaining prestige, improving and developing professional management system, developing human resources, increasing revenue, dominating market share and enhancing brand value. 

II.We have a lot of practical experience about:

* Survey, analysis, system design. 
* Supply and installation of electrical cabinets and PLC control, drive control, inverter, servo. 
* Provide design process control measurement system.
* PLC programming, touch screen, SCADA, industrial control network.
* Equipment maintenance and maintenance.
* Construction contractor specialized in Electricity - Automation. 

VINACOM is the official distributor, support, training and warranty of Industrial Electric and Automation products of Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, Tmeic and Max in Vietnam. VINACOM has a technical team consisting of many specialized engineers who have been trained at home and abroad to ensure that customers will provide the best products and services at the most competitive prices. bring satisfaction to you.

III. About Max:



Max Co Ltd, based in Tokyo, founded in 1942, is a manufacturer of a variety of innovative products. With a team of 200 employees in the room R & D, many products carry patents. Since the first production of staplers in 1952, Max has sold more than 400 million units. They even introduced the world's first 'paper pin machine'.

 The picture here is Max Co Tamamura factory in Japan, where hardware CPM is produced.


Long-term partner

At Vinacom, we have solved all the problems that customers are having. All of our customers rely on us. Get in touch and you'll find that our employees (at all levels) are very knowledgeable about our products and applications. Moreover, everyone is actively focused on providing great customer service and we know that sometimes it's just small things, but this makes a big difference - so we care mind to detail.

We like to innovate

And thus making our customers, we work together to find exciting new ways to use our products (That is one of the benefits of a long-term relationship). Certainly customers buy one of our label and signage printers to meet a specific need. Over time (often without our intervention), they often find new applications and new ideas and we are always ready to help customers with what our system can create. and find better ways to adjust output for customers.

Reliable distributor

After years of business, we have proved our strength. And what is more important than ever is that you trust us so that we can provide you with long-term support and when you start experiencing it for a while, you will definitely be satisfied and sure you will Want us to accompany you for a long time!
""We are very proud of the fact that more than 25% of our customers have come to us through a referral from an existing customer. Evidence that we not only promise excellent customer service, we really have provided it.""
We believe in working properly - that's why we are committed to complying with official standards and compliance. From our two ISO certifications to REACH, WEEE and RoHS compliance, we are at the forefront of legal and advisory requirements, which are important components in the supply chain for many of our customers..