SL-R103T RED (C) Ink Ribbon

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Status: In stock
Maker: MAX - Japan
Depiction: SL-R103T RED (C) (SL-R103TC) Red heat transfer ink, size 110mm (width) x 55m (length)
Application: Use for the label printer, cutting MAX Bepop CPM-100
Contact : (028) 3848 7799

List of monochrome ink used for color printers CPM-100

NO.          PLU     GOODS NAME
 1      SL-R101T Black Ribbon SL-R101T (120mm, 55m)
 2      SL-R102T White Ribbon SL-R102T (120mm, 55m)
 3      SL-R103T Red Ribbon SL-R103T (120mm, 55m) 
 4      SL-R104T Blue Ribbon SL-R104T (120mm, 55m) 
 5      SL-R105T Dark Blue Ribbon SL-R105T (120mm, 55m)
  6       SL-R106T Dank Green Ribbon SL-R106T (120mm, 55m)
  7       SL-R107T Green Ribbon SL-R107T (120mm, 55m)
 8      SL-R108T Yellow Ribbon SL-R108T (120mm, 55m)
 9       SL-R112T Orange Ribbon SL-R112T (120mm, 55m)
10      SL-R150T LAMINATE Ribbon SL-R150T (120mm, 55m) 
11      SL-R101TC       Black Ribbon SL-R101T BLACK-C (120mm, 55m)      
12      SL-R122TH White Ribbon SL-R122TH (120mm, 55m )
13      SL-R103TC Red Ribbon SL-R103T RED-C (120mm, 55m)
14      SL-R104TC Blue Ribbon SL-R104T BLUE-C (120mm, 55m)
15      SL-R105TC Dark Blue Ribbon SL-R105T DARKBLUE-C (120mm, 55m)
16      SL-R107TC Green Ribbon SL-R107T GREEN-C (120mm, 55m)
17      SL-R108TC Yellow Ribbon SL-R108T YELLOW-C (120mm, 55m)
18      SL-R112TC Orange Ribbon SL-R112T ORANGE-C (120mm, 55m)
 19       SL-R115T Blue Ribbon SL-R115T YMCK-C (120mm, 55m) 
20      SL-R116T Dark Pink Ribbon SL-R116T YMCK-M (120mm, 55m) 
 21       SL-R117T Yellow Ribbon SL-R117T YMCK-Y (120mm, 55m) 
22      SL-R118T Black Ribbon SL-R118T YMCK - K (120mm, 55m)