SL-S117N2 Pink Labels

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Status: In stock
Maker: MAX - Japan
Depiction: SL-S117N2 (SL-S117N) Pink Labels, size 110mm (width) x 10m (length)
Application: Use for the label printer, cutting MAX Bepop CPM-100
Contact : (028) 3848 7799

List of standard printed labels, code "SL-S --- N" is used for the CPM-100 printer

NO.          PLU     GOODS NAME
 1      SL-S110CN Transparent Label SL-S110CN (110mm, 10m)
 2      SL-S111N Black Label SL-S111N (110mm, 10m)
 3      SL-S112N White Label SL-S112N (110mm, 10m) 
 4      SL-S113N Red Label SL-S113N (110mm, 10m) 
 5      SL-S114N Blue Label SL-S114N (110mm, 10m)
  6       SL-S115N Yellow Label SL-S115N (110mm, 10m)
  7       SL-S116N Green Label SL-S116N (110mm, 10m)
 8      SL-S117N Pink Label SL-S117N (110mm, 10m)
 9       SL-S118N Orange Label SL-S118N (110mm, 10m)
10      SL-S119N Sky Blue Label SL-S119N (110mm, 10m) 
11      SL-S120N Gray Label SL-S120N (110mm, 10m) 
12      SL-S121N       Lettuce Green SL-S121N (110mm, 10m)      
13      SL-S125N Amethyst Label SL-S125N (110mm, 10m)
14      SL-S126N Mahogany Label SL-S126N (110mm, 10m)
15      SL-S110CN2 Transparent Label SL-S110CN2 (110mm, 10m)
16      SL-S111N2 Black Label SL-S111N2 (110mm, 10m)
17      SL-S112N2 White Label SL-S112N2 (110mm, 10m)
18      SL-S113N2 Red Label SL-S113N2 (110mm, 10m)
19      SL-S114N2 Blue Label SL-S114N2 (110mm, 10m)
 20       SL-S115N2 Yellow Label SL-S115N2 (110mm, 10m)
 21       SL-S116N2 Green Label SL-S116N2 (110mm, 10m) 
22      SL-S117N2 Pink Label SL-S117N2 (110mm, 10m) 
 23       SL-S118N2 Orange Label SL-S118N2 (110mm, 10m) 
24      SL-S119N2 Sky Blue Label SL-S119N2 (110mm, 10m) 
 25       SL-S120N2 Gray Label SL-S120N2 (110mm, 10m) 
 26       SL-S121N2 Lettuce Green Label SL-S121N2 (110mm, 10m) 
 27       SL-S123N2 Cobar Blue Label SL-S123N2 (110mm, 10m) 
 28       SL-S124N2 Navy Blue Label SL-S124N2 (110mm, 10m) 
 29       SL-S125N2 Amethyst Label SL-S125N2 (110mm, 10m) 
 30       SL-S126N2 Mahogany Label SL-S126N2 (110mm, 10m)