An introduction

Signs and labels are everywhere - they convey essential information quickly and concisely. In the workplace, we rely on clear signage to advise, inform and warn people. It's down to you to produce appropriate signage (including one-off designs) as and when required.

So how do you do that quickly and cost effectively? It's easy with the Lighthouse CPM-200. Used across industries, the Lighthouse CPM-200 handles labelling and signage requirements for Health & Safety, engineering, electrical, plant ID, product ID, pipe marking, admin, chemical ID, facilities management, control panels and more.

  • On-demand custom labels.
  • Multi-colour 400dpi print.
  • Cut labels to any shape required.
  • Print barcodes & variable data.
  • Print your own logos, diagrams and schematics.
  • Our Lighthouse for MAX CPM-100H software clip art includes more than 3,800 symbols.

Think big !

With its advanced 400dpi print head, this model is aimed squarely at applications requiring enhanced edge line definition. These include labels with very small text/graphics, for product labels, laboratory labels, PCB ID, wiring cabinets, servers etc.

Practically too, the Lighthouse CPM-100H ticks all the boxes. It can handle large and small print jobs with equal ease. Using our intuitive Microsoft Certified software you can incorporate any sequential numbering requirements, databases or insert barcodes. There is also a comprehensive portfolio of clip art and Health & Safety symbols at your disposal. Want more? It's easy to introduce your own bespoke symbols, logos and diagrams.


In-depth information and prices are available by downloading our CPM-100H brochure and/or pricelist:

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