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In the workplace, we all rely on clear signage to advise, inform and warn people. But how do you ensure you and your staff have quick and cost-effective access to these essential labels and signs? The answer is MAX's best sellers printer and label system!

Our CPM-100HG5M handles labelling and signage requirements for Health & Safety, engineering, electrical, plant ID, product ID, pipe marking, admin, chemical ID, facilities management, control panels and more.

  • On-demand custom labels.
  • Multi-colour printing with 400dpi resolution.
  • Cut labels to any shape required.
  • Print barcodes & variable data.
  • Print your own logos, diagrams and schematics.
  • Our MAX for CPM-100HG5M software clip art includes more than 3,800 symbols.

Using thermal technology, gives vibrant, robust, UV stable, chemical resistant, water-proof signs and labels, which are instantly ready for outdoor use. With simple operation and no odours or inks to contend with, this is a true 'walk up and use' system.


In-depth information and prices are available by downloading our CPM-100HG5M brochure and/or pricelist:

Max CPM-100HG5M

PDF: 1.5 MB

Max CPM-100HG5M

PDF: 1.5 MB


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