The electronic lettering machine LM-380EZ

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Warranty: 1 year
Catalogue: LM-380EZ.pdf
Producer: MAX - Japan
Description: The characteristics of LM-380EZ are the same as LM-380A before, but in order to save costs, Max does not provide suitcases like LM-380A so the price is cheaper, suitable for printing without having to move much.
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I. Main features of the marking tubes and labels LM-380EZ

1. Increased printing speed

LM-380EZ allows printing letters on tubes with a speed of 20 mm / sec with LM380A. LM-380EZ can print 33 sections of 20 mm length in a minute.


2. Maximum printing length


  • Tube : 20m
  • Tape: 5m 

3. Memory


LM-380EZ can store up to 61,250 characters in memory. An average of 1,225 characters / file

4. Connect ability


LM-380EZcan only import print data in text or CSV format via compact flash card (CF) without connecting directly to the computer.

The compilation of data on the computer through Microsoft's popular Excel software or Letatwin PC Editor specialized software of MAX.

Users export Excel file data via cable to card reader (Card reader) to write to CF card - an example of Sandisk's popular Flash Flash memory card company.This type of card is different from a rectangular memory card of a digital camera (Memory Stick). With the recorded memory card, users can download it to the ;LM-380EZand print it at any location where there is no computer attached.

Devices such as "Compact Memory Flash Card" and "Card Reader" memory cards are not includedLM-380EZ. Users need to find search for these devices on the free market if you want to use a computer to print large quantities. Max does not provide them outside the software Letatwin PC Editor help with editing.

5. Function to adjust pipe cutting depth, convenient tape label.

Smart depth adjustment function of LM-380EZ for cutting pipes or tapes after hanging (not cut separately) convenient for construction and installation. Users can easily adjust the depth of cuts through correction.


6. More options for printing with print steps up to 60mm.


  • Printing length on tape: 4 - 60mm
  • Printing length on tube: 10 - 60mm

7. Printing materials

Marking tubes and labels LM-380EZ can print on the following materials:

  • Tube PVC have diameter from 2.5mm to 6.5mm,or heat shrinkable tube (with dedicated inks).


  • Tape of MAX have width 5mm, 9mm và 12mm with 3 basic colors yellow, white and transparent.

    8. Ink ribbons

    Cost savings with replaceable cartridges when ink runs out.

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    II. Technical specifications:


    III. Download catalogue:


    Specific information about product support phone number, technical advice, repair, warranty and documentation ( It is accompanied by genuine machine when purchased by VINACOM.CO.,LTD).