The electronic lettering machine LM-550A

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Warranty: 1 year
Catalogue: LM-550A.pdf
Producer: MAX - Japan
Description: LM-550A is the latest typewriter series of Max-Janpan. LM-550A has faster printing speed and sharper printing. With memory up to 100,000 characters makes storage easier.
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I. Main features of the marking tubes and labels LM-550A


1. High speed printing

The LM-550A has a new type of heat-resistant print head that allows you to print text on tubes at 40mm/sec, save 12% of printing time compared to LM-390A printer head.

2. Maximum printing length

  • Tube : 20m
  • Tape: 5m

3. Memory

The memory in the LM550A stores up to 100,000 characters, unlimited storage with expandable USB memory.


4. Connect ability 

The LM-550A / PC (LM550A) is improved with direct connection to personal computers via USB memory stick or USB cable for data exchange. 

5. Easily print long strings of numbers quickly

6. Function to adjust pipe cutting depth, convenient tape label


Smart depth adjustment function of LM-550A for cutting pipes or tapes after hanging (not cut separately) convenient for construction and installation. Users can easily adjust the depth of cuts through correction.


7. More options for printing with print steps up to 60mm.

  • Printing length on tape: 4 - 60mm
  • Printing length on tube: 10 - 60mm


8. Printing materials


Accessories used for the LM-550A printer:


- The Ink Ribbon:

1 LM-IR50B Black Ink LM-IR50B (12mm, 110m/pcs) Printed on PVC material
2 LM-IR50B-AS Black Ink LM-IR50B-AS (12mm, 110m/pcs) Printed on PVC material
3 LM-IR50BP Black Ink LM-IR50BP (12mm, 110m/pcs)
Print heat shrink tube
4 LM-IR50W White Ink LM-IR50W (12mm, 70m/pcs) Color tube printing

+ Save money with replaceable ink ribbons when ink runs out.

+ Ink ribbon length increased from 50m/roll to 110m/roll (Length of ink ribbon for LM-380, LM-390 long head printer is 50m).

- PVC pipe with diameter 2.5mm - 6.5mm:

+ Tube with code "N" of MAX - Japan:

 1 LM-TU332N2 Tube LM-TU332N2 (3.2mm, 100m/pcs)
 2 LM-TU336N2 Tube LM-TU336N2 (3.6mm, 100m/pcs)
 3 LM-TU342N2 Tube LM-TU342N2 (4.2mm, 80m/pcs)
4 LM-TU352N2 Tube LM-TU352N2 (5.2mm, 80m/pcs)

+ Tube with code "L" of MAX - Japan:

1 LM-TU425L2 Tube LM-TU425L2 (2.5mm, 250m/pcs)
2 LM-TU427L2 Tube LM-TU427L2 (2.7mm, 250m/pcs)
3 LM-TU432L2 Tube LM-TU432L2 (3.2mm, 250m/pcs)
4 LM-TU434L2 Tube LM-TU434L2 (3.4mm, 250m/pcs)
5 LM-TU436L2 Tube LM-TU436L2 (3.6mm, 250m/pcs)
6 LM-TU442L Tube LM-TU442L (4.2mm, 200m/pcs) 
7 LM-TU452L Tube LM-TU452L (5.2mm, 135m/pcs)
8 LM-TU464L Tube LM-TU464L (6.4mm, 100m/pcs)
9 LM-TU480L Tube LM-TU480L (6.4mm, 70m/pcs)

+ Tube with code "N" made in Việt Nam:

1 LM-TU315N Tube LM-TU315N (1.5mm, 100m/pcs)
2 LM-TU320N Tube LM-TU320N (2.0mm, 100m/pcs)
3 LM-TU325N Tube LM-TU325N (2.5mm, 100m/pcs)
4 LM-TU332N Tube LM-TU332N (3.2mm, 100m/pcs)
5 LM-TU336N Tube LM-TU336N (3.6mm, 100m/pcs)
6 LM-TU342N Tube LM-TU342N (4.2mm, 100m/pcs)
7 LM-TU346N Tube LM-TU346N (4.6mm, 85m/pcs) 
8 LM-TU352N Tube LM-TU352N (5.2mm, 65m/pcs)
9 LM-TU360N Tube LM-TU360N (6.0mm, 45m/pcs)
10 LM-TU364N Tube LM-TU364N (6.4mm, 40m/pcs)
11 LM-TU370N Tube LM-TU370N (7.0mm, 40m/pcs)
12 LM-TU380N Tube LM-TU380N (8.0mm, 35m/pcs)
13 LM-TU390N Tube LM-TU390N (9.0mm, 30m/pcs)
14 LM-TU3100N Tube LM-TU3100N (10.0mm, 30m/pcs)

- Heat shrink tubing with diameter 2.5mm - 6.5mm

- Tape:

 1   LM-TP505W White tape LM-TP505W (5mm,16m/pcs)    
 2   LM-TP505Y Yellow tape LM-TP505Y (5mm, 8m/pcs)
 3   LM-TP505T  Transparent tape LM-TP505T (5mm, 8m/pcs)
 4   LM-TP509W White tape LM-TP509W (9mm, 16m/pcs)    
 5   LM-TP509Y Yellow tape LM-TP509Y (9mm, 8m/pcs)
 6   LM-TP509T  Transparent LM-TP509T (9mm, 8m/pcs)
 7   LM-TP512W White tape LM-TP512W (12mm, 16m/pcs)    
 8   LM-TP512Y  Yellow tape LM-TP512Y (12mm, 8m/pcs)


- ID Plate: LM-ID Plate 4110 kích thước 4.1mm (ngang) x 20m (dài).

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II. Technical specifications:

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Specific information about product support phone number, technical advice, repair, warranty and documentation ( It is accompanied by genuine machine when purchased by VINACOM.CO.,LTD).