MD5-ND14 Series

5 phase stepper motor driver

Status: New products
Guarantee: 1 year
Maker: Autonics
         Contact:  Ms Tuyết 0917 538 502/ (028) 38 48 7799


MD5 5-phase Series stepper motor driver for precise drive for rotary motor with high speed and large torque. 5-phase stepper motor driver MD5-ND14 series is designed to be compact, which saves cost, thanks to the integration of the function of adjusting the current RUN (current for motor when the motor is active) up to 1.5A / phase and control direct current. 

▣ Characteristics 

* Function One step and Half step 
* Pentagon control method with constant dipole current 

* Integrated current adjustment function RUN (current for motor when motor operates) / STOP current (current applied to motor when motor stops) 

* Optical isolation input method minimizes the impact of external noise 

* Use the feed 20-35VDC