PMC-2HSP Series

High-speed 2-axis interpolation controller

Status: New products
Guarantee: 1 year
Maker: Autonics
         Contact:  Ms Tuyết 0917 538 502/ (028) 38 48 7799


Din Rail PMC-2HSP Series 2-axis high-speed interpolation controller. This series offers many different controls by supporting 4 types of operation modes and straight / circular interpolation functions. In addition, RS485 communication support for multi-axis control can be up to 16 devices, 32 axes and communication interoperability greatly increased by dedicated Modbus RTU protocol. A separate and capable step-by-step programming tool (200 steps) is a distinctive feature of PMC-2HSP series. Autonics offers a wide range of options for position-controlled product lines by adding PMC-2HSP series - Din Rail mounted high-speed 2-axis interpolation controller. 


* Independent 2-axis control with high operating speed max 4Mpps 
* 4 operating modes: Jog, Continuous, Index, Program modes 
* Support interpolation of Straight / Linear / Arcuate Lines 
* S-shaped acceleration / deceleration steering function, symmetrical / asymmetric trapezoidal 
* Performed with a wide range of operations up to 200 steps using 17 different operating programs 
* Private programming tool (Motion Studio) and supports many different languages ​​(Korean, English) 
* There are many controls (USB, RS232C, RS485, Parallel I/F) 
* Control up to 32 axes (16 devices) by RS485 serial communication (Modbus RTU) 
* More versatile I / O & amp; Can choose 1/2 Pulse output 
* Can be synchronized with RS485 control