AiC Series

2-phase closed loop stepper motor system, integrated controller

Status: New products
Guarantee: 1 year
Maker: Autonics
         Contact:  Ms Tuyết 0917 538 502/ (028) 38 48 7799


AiC 2-phase closed-loop loop motor system integrates the controller and engine driver. After connecting to the total control device, users can directly control, program, connect and install stepper motor system easily. Stepper motor system is capable of precise position control via feedback from the integrated encoder without error due to adjustment and vibration as a conventional servo motor. The encoder provides information about the current position when referring the input pulse with a high resolution of 10,000 pulses / revolution, allowing control to be accurate to 0.036 °. AiC series has high torque compared to other brands of other brands and various alarm functions to enhance safety.


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