MD5-HF14 Series

Ultra-small step motor controller 5 phase AC type

Status: New products
Guarantee: 1 year
Maker: Autonics
         Contact:  Ms Tuyết 0917 538 502/ (028) 38 48 7799


* Increase convenience for users with a popular 100-220VAC power supply 
* Performed with high speed, large control torque through flow control 
*Pentagon control type with constant dipole current 
* Performed with low speed rotation, controlled with high precision when running with very small steps (Max. 250 divisions) 
* Different warning functions (overheating, overcurrent) when self-diagnosis 
* Easy to check alarm information with ALARM LED on the front 
* Automatic downstream, self-test, run / stop line settings depending on the user, zero point output output is provided 
* Isolation of photo coupler input to minimize external noise